Dance Your Way to Happiness

There comes a time in every person’s life where they question their existence and what it is all about. As we live our lives on lovely Planet Earth, we are evolving our soul existence and sending the ‘data’ to All that Is. And since each and every one of us is a part of All that Is, we are also collecting that data for ourselves and learning from it.

Especially when you are alone and have some time for contemplation, take the time to sit with yourself. Take the time to just be instead of always having to do something. Sit with yourself and take some quiet time to ponder some thoughts or emotions, to take a few deep, soul cleansing breaths, or admire nature even if it is only the sky and clouds from an apartment window. Marvel in the beauty of the world and of your life, even if the conditions may seem extremely challenging at this time. Grasp at even the smallest, positive aspect or occurrence that you had in your day and celebrate it! If you celebrate the small things, more and more small things you like will happen and all of these small things will eventually grow into bigger things, perhaps faster than you can even imagine!

Dance around the living room, make silly faces in the bathroom mirror, cook some tasty food, laugh with a friend or family member. For those of you who don’t have many people in your life to turn to, you are never alone. You have yourself and you have The One within you, no matter what. No matter if you think you don’t deserve love/approval or that you are ‘bad’ and have done ‘bad’ things. All that Is loves you no matter what and is with you always.

Anchors of Illusion

Today I would like to touch upon the feeling of losing people/situations/possessions that seem to define us and anchor us solidly into our lives. In this instance, I’m not speaking of losing people to death, but just losing them from your life because they stopped participating in the connection or you made the decision to no longer participate in it.

As we go along the path toward enlightenment, certain things/people/situations that are in our lives and do not serve the purpose of our pursuits will fall away. This can be a very emotionally painful and stressful process because it can include a job loss, separating from significant relationships, a change of environment, etc. which are traumatic events from a human perspective. As these things happen, people pause and ponder why these events are happening to them. They ask, if enlightenment is what we should be pursuing as a life goal, then why are all these seemingly ‘bad’ things happening to us as we do it? That is a very excellent question and I would love to answer it.

Your human self is but a projection of who you truly are. There is a lot more to you than you can see when you look in the bathroom mirror. As you start looking within and observing your thoughts, you are already pursuing the path to enlightenment. The process begins, the wheels start turning, and with much excitement your soul rejoices as you start letting it go and letting it flow!

So back to how we are a projection. I don’t want to get into terms like spiritual guides, angels, etc in this post. But for lack of a better expression, let me use the term ‘higher self’. Have you ever watched as an ant crawls around, collecting food, going back and forth to its nest and marveled at how tiny it is and how large the space must look to that ant? How your backyard or balcony might seem as vast and as big as a whole country from the perspective of that tiny ant? This is how it is for your higher self. Of course your higher self does not actually view you as an ant or as something less than. I’m using this example merely to express the difference between the two perspectives. You can see some things in your life but your higher self can see many more things than you and in this way, knows what needs to be done. Also, remember that your higher self isn’t separate from you. All expressions of yourself are you! It’s just that each expression holds a different perspective, with some having a wider perspective than others.

As you pursue happiness and enlightenment, people, situations and things will fall away from you because it is necessary in order for the process of enlightenment to proceed. You may not understand why it is happening while it is happening but when you get through it and look back, you will understand why. When things get difficult and scary, steady yourself and know that clarity will come to you in time and that it is all happening because it needs to happen, in order for what you desire to be achieved.