The Power of Thought Waves

It is with great happiness that I’m here with you today to announce that a great change is coming to our world. I would like to emphasize that the change is a positive one and nothing at all to be feared. The current situation of Planet Earth is that of a positive and changing one since no change can come about without some sort of upheaval. No change can come about without some pain and without some suffering. This may be difficult to hear but the clear truth is that people are not propelled to evolve when the times are ‘good’.

Most of us tend to fall into patterns of habits and become comfortable with living each day very similar to the previous ones, with a few holidays thrown into the mix to create an illusion of change. I’m not stating these things from a critical point of view but more as a factual and observational one. The whole system that we are experiencing and live in is set up so that we will fall into these patterns and so that we will become complacent in our day to day life.

It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage for us to observe and acknowledge the patterns of habit and self imposed restrictions in our life. When this realization first occurs, it can be shocking and painful and our Ego will want to outright reject it. But allow those thoughts to come into your mind. Don’t force them away. Let these thoughts come, the gentle waves of them lapping at the regions of your mind. These waves can become very mighty ones and with their strength, you will be able to start coming into alignment by leaps and bounds with who you truly are, instead of the image that you are merely projecting into this world.

Many people have noticed the patterns in their life. Many people have noticed the programming that they and their ancestors have been subjected to for multiple generations. Many people have found the courage to feel these thoughts, to ponder them and to let them in because they carry important messages. Messages that there is more to life than what we see around us. Messages that we are all truly powerful and loving beings capable of so much more than can be seen from this third dimensional perspective. Many people have allowed these thoughts to permeate them and it has made them stronger and it has made them want more. As each person courageously embraces these inner messages despite the fear they feel within, the gentle waves will become stronger ones until those waves, those massive, beautiful thought waves create an incredible shift toward freedom which will be seen and felt throughout the Cosmos.

Don’t be afraid of the changes happening around you. Continue to be brave and fearless. Being human can be very painful but the increasing light of our spirits can be seen shining far out into the universe. We should all strive to keep shining as well as we can, despite what the news is telling us and despite what we may be currently experiencing in our lives which may not be so pleasant. Be a beacon of light in the darkness for yourself and for others. Do not let fear overcome you. Do not be a slave to your mind. Be its master.

Are Aliens and Other Beings Really Being Channelled by People?

Before we answer the question at hand, we would like to first bring into focus another matter. In your current time, there are many discussing historical art or written passages that refer to beings visiting Planet Earth from the sky. Such things are discredited as ridiculous fiction by many and anyone who believes that there might be some truth in it all might be considered to be some kind of ‘woo woo new ager’. Actually, some of us did visit Earth in previous times. We have had a long time presence and interaction with your planet and we still do. The difference is that we have all come into agreement not to actually appear in our physical form there.

  1. Not all of us have a physical form but many of us do and we travel on ships with this physical form.
  2. Others only have an energetic (light) body and can travel to you or anywhere with their consciousness.
  3. Some beings of light can choose to project themselves into a created physical form for any amount of time that they wish and then return to being an energetic form/light body.
  4. We don’t have a choice as to whether we can openly appear in a physical or light form to you. This is not allowed and not done on a significant level except in very few specific cases.

The reason why we choose not to openly appear in a form is because this would cause mass panic in the current time. Mainstream beliefs that there are no other life forms anywhere else would be destroyed in an instant, which would drive many to extreme fear, hysteria, suicide, chaos and violence. This is not a situation that we wish to instigate on your planet.

In ancient times, people were more open to seeing us as we had been around them for a long time and it was considered a normal occurrence. This became quite a challenge because even though we explained over and over that we are not gods, humans made gods out of us. We must admit that some self serving beings took advantage of this human belief and acted as if they were gods to them instead of helping them to realize that they are also capable of doing incredible things if they raise their consciousness. The situation became so dire that we decided that we should not maintain our presence on Earth any longer. Some beings did remain but their appearance does not differ from the average human appearance in any significant way.

Jesus is an example of a wonderful light being who came to your planet to show humans that they too can also be godly if they raise their consciousness. His purpose was to help heal humanity and assist them in the rising of their consciousness so that their suffering would be relieved and even alleviated completely. Though his teachings became wildly popular, humans also founded a religion surrounding him and made a god out of him. This defeated the whole purpose and Jesus is not the only light being who came to Earth to uplift humanity, but instead was seen as a god and the teachings were used to wage wars, torture, control, judge and destroy people. These acts are very far from the lessons of love that the universe and many beings had wanted to bring to the residents Mother Earth.

So are aliens and other beings actually being channeled by some people? Yes, they most definitely are. Some points about channeling:

  • A human who has meditated and cleared the mind enough has the ability to open a spiritual channel so that we may tune in and communicate.
  • Via this channel, our messages can be communicated to you. We have found that by sending forth messages in this way, the suffering that was created by us appearing from the skies is avoided.
  • The reason for this is that when a human gives us permission to speak our words and express our wisdom through their human body and their human voice, they are listened to by some people but these same people do not go on to make gods out of the human channel. They see them only as a human who is achieving to bring through a message from beyond.
  • In this way, we are able to spread uplifting messages of hope and love throughout the world without creating a mass upheaval with possibly destructive consequences, as has been witnessed in your historical timeline when we appeared and spoke for ourselves.

It is quite a clever method, don’t you think?

There are those of us who live in different planetary systems that care very much about humans and the progression of the consciousness on Earth. There are also many light beings who are behind the veil that feel the same devotion toward you and your planet. We didn’t want to repeat past mistakes by actually appearing to you because the message gets taken and distorted way out of context. But what we didn’t want to do is abandon you. Thus, we decided to pass out teachings through actual humans. There have always been some humans channeling us throughout history but as the consciousness of the planet and the humans living on it increases, there are more people who can achieve the channeling state.

Many have doubts about if channelers are real or charlatans. The answer is that some are real, seeking to assist humanity in healing and uplifting their consciousness. And some are charlatans only seeking to achieve a following, in order to achieve fame, monetary gain, etc. Both of these aspects are human nature and stem from humans having free will. We do not judge this because Planet Earth is a place for humans to explore all aspects of existence. The question is, if you are interested in listening to or reading what a human channel has to say, how will you be able to tell if the information is real or not? The answer to this is quite simple:

  1. If the message that is coming through resonates with you, gives you a feeling of excitement and helps you with certain struggles that you are having within yourself and in your life, then that message is genuine and for you.
  2. If you get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach or have any kind of physical symptom that makes you feel uneasy, that channeler and/or message is not for you.
  3. A genuine channeled message will inspire, be very loving and kind and help guide you to a better place within yourself and in your life.
  4. Some messages that are channeled do not have a loving nature and we would caution you to be very wary of such messages and people who bring those through.

We would like to point out that initially, you might have some feelings of uneasiness if you have never been open to hearing or reading channeled information before. Examine within yourself if the feelings of uneasiness are because of the fact that a human can transmit messages from beyond or is it the actual message that is creating unease? If it is just that it is new to you, give it a chance and watch a variety of channelers to see if you get a better feeling about it. Or perhaps you are just not ready to delve into this kind of information so leave it for now and possibly consider it at another time.

Not every message being channeled is for everyone. There is also the case that no channeled message is valid or relevant for some people. They may simply not be open to this kind of information at this time and that is perfectly fine. There are also many humans that are still confined within the restraints that world religions helped to build so that those organizations could control people so that they may express their agenda. If you are a religious person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and by all means continue with your faith and devotion. What is important to know is that it is possible to have and practice a religious faith while simultaneously exploring the messages that are being brought forth to you through human channels. You may find that the messages can peacefully coexist with your religious foundation and enhance your human experience. Strive to let your mind be open to new ideas and concepts, even if they threaten your current beliefs. The purpose is for you to feel encouraged and uplifted by our messages. If they do not bring you happiness and they don’t have you feeling loved, we implore you not to listen! But for those of you that do feel an appreciation, excitement and love for what is coming through, please continue to listen. Explore the different kinds of information that are being offered by different people and participate in what resonates with you. After listening or reading the information provided through a variety of channelers, you will find what is right for you at this time in your spiritual expansion. In time, you will also see that there is a common denominator within all of the messages: You are all loved and adored. You are all worthy and accepted. Your mission in life is to explore, express and eventually find your way back to the complete vibration of Love.