The Mystery of Icebergs-ASMR

Today I’d like to touch upon the subject of the mind. Your minds. When your minds are defragmented, it can create a feeling of head fogginess and physical exhaustion. Your day might begin and end very quickly and you may feel like you weren’t able to get anything at all accomplished. Especially during this time, if you aren’t working or have more free time on your hands, there may no longer be a set schedule. The days may seem to blend into a continuation of the one before, with only darkness and light signifying a change in the date on the calendar.

Don’t be so hard on yourselves and feel like you need to ‘do’. This time is being given to you as a time to reflect and look within and to simply ‘be’. It is not a time designated to ‘getting things done’ in the material world. You are being called to sleep more because a lot of work is being done during dream time. Oh, if you only knew the plans that you make and the extremely productive team collaborations that you participate in during your dream times, you would applaud yourself and feel very proud!

Perhaps you are familiar with the concept that the world as you know it and as you live in it is merely a projection of your mind. You, the true essence of you, is projecting yourself into this reality from a remote position which holds no concept of time and space. You are projecting yourself into this reality much like a hologram. When you sleep, you are exploring other worlds and making plans on what experiences you would like to have in your life in order to learn and evolve your consciousness, which in turn helps evolve the whole universal consciousness.

Have you ever seen a picture of an iceberg where the tip projects above the waterline but the immensity of it is hidden below the water’s surface? Well, your life here on Earth is the tip of the iceberg. The totality of who you truly are is below the water’s surface. So for now, if you feel like sleeping, please do! I assure you, it is time well spent and it is definitely not time wasted.

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Steady Yourself in the Waves Surrounding You

choppy waves

The following post is channeled material:

This moment in the illusion of time is definitely quite turbulent. In this life, one person’s perception can be quite different from another. But if you are able to discipline yourself enough to not give in to any fear you maybe currently feeling, you will suffer much less, since your perception of all that is happening around you will be much brighter.

Imagine you are in a boat surrounded by choppy waves. As long as you let the waves pummel the boat as they wish, you will also be pummeled about and frightened. But as soon as you take charge by taking a hold of the wheel and navigating the boat through the wind and waves, all will seem much more calm and much less frightening! This is what you must do in this situation of collective fear that presently exists in our world. Collect your thoughts and be a master of them. Don’t let your mind be your master. You must be the master of your own mind. Take control and rise above the waves that are pummeling you from all sides. Guide your ship into a more peaceful situation. The waves might still be there but your situation will seem (and thus be) much improved if you take charge, instead of giving in to feelings of helplessness and desperation.