Use mind control to fix your vortex!

As creative, infinite beings, we are all composed of energy and create our own realities. I consider the reality I create for myself to be my personal vortex. Today I’m going to teach you a magical technique for improving your very own personal vortex. I discovered this technique when I was quite young and still use it almost daily in my life.

When I was in college, I commuted daily to a state university that was about twenty minutes away, depending on traffic and weather conditions. The highway I traveled on often had traffic jams and accidents. It wasn’t a rare occurrence to see a car overturned and on fire or several cars that despite a four lane highway, somehow had managed to crash into each other. I felt like I was taking a risk every time I was getting on the on ramp, fighting the fight to merge on with the aggressive traffic. As a new driver, this whole situation created a lot of stress in me. As a born problem solver and analyzer, I tried to think up ways to improve my situation. I came up with a magical technique to relieve my stress and impatience with the traffic situation. Soon, my commute times were effortless and stress free! This technique can be used in a variety of life situations and not just with traffic. For example, I’ve used it to control traffic, weather, long lines, and to find perfect parking spots every single time. And now I’ll share my technique of taking control of your own vortex:

Five Steps to Creating the Vortex that YOU want:

  1. Recognize within yourself any feelings of anxiety, impatience or frustration you may have about a situation. These feelings can be felt as an upset in the stomach, a constriction in the heart area, a feeling of increased body temperature or a headache when you think of that situation.
  2. Choose a simple situation for a start like traffic or not finding parking. When you choose a simple situation to try it on, it gives you quick results and encourages you to continue on using it! Since we live in a world of high density, it takes longer for us to manipulate the energy in our vortex. So start out small and move on to bigger things after you get some practice!
  3. Visualize the situation that is creating negative feelings within you. Close you eyes if needed. Equally important to visualizing the situation is acknowledging and feeling the emotion associated with it. Now visualize the outcome that you want and how you would feel when that outcome comes into fruition. For example, my situation is that morning and evening traffic is heavy and creates a lot of stress inside me. So I use my memory to see how the traffic looks and how it made me felt. And now I visualize that at the moment I am on the highway, there is miraculously less traffic and my commute is stress free and uneventful. I feel the relief and happiness that would bring me. I bring the feeling into the NOW.
  4. DEMAND from the universe (or from source, the angels, your spirit guides, etc) to fix your vortex! We are not asking for any favors here. We are demanding. Demand it out loud if possible. I start out in the morning to fix my vortex concerning every day situations that are unwanted. I also demand from the universe to fix my vortex when new situations crop up like heavy rain or an annoying coworker in my face. Make sure you are demanding with confidence, power and decisiveness. I usually say: “Universe, I don’t like this situation (and I visualize the situation and how it makes me feel) so I demand that you correct it (then I visualize the outcome I want and the relief and happiness I would feel because of it.)
  5. Keep visualizing and practicing. Start out by changing simple things in your vortex and then go on to tackling bigger situations. Try to imagine positive changes and outcomes to situations that do no harm. For example, instead of imagining that a semi truck in front of you that has been slowing down traffic for miles suddenly runs off the road, visualize instead that it turns off to the right or to the left, thus clearing the way.

Good luck and please let me know in which situations this technique worked for you!