Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

The effervescence of a Sunday morning can be reflected in the moonlight as the dawn takes over to start the day. The willow trees can be observed swaying back and forth, back and forth as if we needn’t have a care in the world. But is this really the truth or is it an illusion? Of course it is all an illusion. All of it. Whatever the illusion is that you see in front of you is of your own choosing whether it gives you happiness or not. Of course you might feel dismay and even anger when reading this. Questions like well do children choose to get cancer? Do people choose to be tortured or killed? Do they choose to be poor and hungry? To put it very simply to you, yes they do.

Everything that happens to you, you have chosen to happen and agreed to it during dream time when you travel out of your body and make such agreements. Certain agreements to experience certain things are even agreed upon before your birth. A lot of people have the belief that if something bad happens to a person, then they must deserve it. This concept is very untrue as there is no god who keeps a tally on people and doles out punishments and rewards. All there is is All that Is, a universal consciousness who doesn’t judge, punish or reward anyone’s deeds.

I remember a story that a friend told me once. He had traveled to Jerusalem with his best friend who had been crippled as a teenager during a botched surgery which led to the oxygen being cut off to his legs. He could walk for a few steps with a cane but needed a wheelchair for anything more than that. So they were in Jerusalem, a place which is the center of so many religions, and he was pushing his friend along in his wheelchair across a busy square. People were spitting on his friend and shouting obscenities at him, shouting at them both them both to go away, waving their arms wildly. My friend was shocked and asked the people why they were doing this. They answered that his wheelchair bound friend must be a very bad person because God punished him by putting him in a wheelchair. This story may be extreme but it’s just one example of how some people believe that there is some god who punishes the ‘bad people’ or ‘bad deeds’ and rewards the ‘good people’ and ‘good deeds’. This is not so and never has been. Just look around the world. Is every billionaire on Earth a saint? Is every successful or happy person out there doing charity work and putting service to others over service to themselves? There aren’t any being selfish or acting in a negative manner at times? Why isn’t this god punishing them? Why isn’t this god striking them down and taking away their good fortune? Some billionaires rape the Earth of her resources and fund and profit from wars that cause human casualties and suffering. Why isn’t god punishing them for these acts? Because that is not how the universe works. There is no reward and punishment system other than the one you may be creating for yourselves through your own free will and we will expand on this in the future.

But what about the other question that rings out from Earth into the Universe so often? ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ The answer is that they have chosen for it to happen to them. But why would someone choose for something bad to happen to them? The reason for that choice is for soul evolvement and expansion. Believe it or not, there are some adventurous souls who wish to experience what it is like to be murdered or to be ill with a disease or to lose a limb. Some of you might be in disbelief about this and that is ok for you to feel that. It is ok and perhaps the time will come when you will be ready to accept it as fact.

The fact that all humans choose their experiences doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have compassion for them or help them in any way that we can when we see them in pain or in need if we feel inspired to do so. In our human experience, we don’t remember the agreements that we have made and therefore may suffer with some of the experiences that we have chosen to live and learn from. This is completely understandable.

After you pass from this life that you are living, your spirit, along with All that Is will rejoice in all of the adventures that you had on Earth and how they helped with the expansion of universal consciousness. All humans are considered incredibly brave and are seen with much respect throughout All that Is. We are all loved and respected greatly! There are also techniques that we can use to ease our suffering on Earth and that is by increasing our vibration. The more that we increase our vibration, the less denser it will be and the less our suffering. Some humans will remain in the lower density and that is their Free Will. It doesn’t mean that they are bad or incompetent or lazy people like many may think. It just means that it is the experience that they are choosing to have and that fact should be respected and not scorned.

Some other time, we’ll talk about how victim and perpetrator are one and the same, playing a role in the vast theater of the Cosmos. This concept can further explain why there is actually no good or bad. They are both one and the same. I’ll also share some simple techniques in which you can work on raising your vibration.

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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