The Power of Thought Waves

It is with great happiness that I’m here with you today to announce that a great change is coming to our world. I would like to emphasize that the change is a positive one and nothing at all to be feared. The current situation of Planet Earth is that of a positive and changing one since no change can come about without some sort of upheaval. No change can come about without some pain and without some suffering. This may be difficult to hear but the clear truth is that people are not propelled to evolve when the times are ‘good’.

Most of us tend to fall into patterns of habits and become comfortable with living each day very similar to the previous ones, with a few holidays thrown into the mix to create an illusion of change. I’m not stating these things from a critical point of view but more as a factual and observational one. The whole system that we are experiencing and live in is set up so that we will fall into these patterns and so that we will become complacent in our day to day life.

It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage for us to observe and acknowledge the patterns of habit and self imposed restrictions in our life. When this realization first occurs, it can be shocking and painful and our Ego will want to outright reject it. But allow those thoughts to come into your mind. Don’t force them away. Let these thoughts come, the gentle waves of them lapping at the regions of your mind. These waves can become very mighty ones and with their strength, you will be able to start coming into alignment by leaps and bounds with who you truly are, instead of the image that you are merely projecting into this world.

Many people have noticed the patterns in their life. Many people have noticed the programming that they and their ancestors have been subjected to for multiple generations. Many people have found the courage to feel these thoughts, to ponder them and to let them in because they carry important messages. Messages that there is more to life than what we see around us. Messages that we are all truly powerful and loving beings capable of so much more than can be seen from this third dimensional perspective. Many people have allowed these thoughts to permeate them and it has made them stronger and it has made them want more. As each person courageously embraces these inner messages despite the fear they feel within, the gentle waves will become stronger ones until those waves, those massive, beautiful thought waves create an incredible shift toward freedom which will be seen and felt throughout the Cosmos.

Don’t be afraid of the changes happening around you. Continue to be brave and fearless. Being human can be very painful but the increasing light of our spirits can be seen shining far out into the universe. We should all strive to keep shining as well as we can, despite what the news is telling us and despite what we may be currently experiencing in our lives which may not be so pleasant. Be a beacon of light in the darkness for yourself and for others. Do not let fear overcome you. Do not be a slave to your mind. Be its master.

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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