The Magical Universe App-ASMR

The visualizing ability of your mind has the Power to form patterns in the Universe into ways that you prefer. Visualizing and Feeling are your greatest talents that you have in this world that you create for yourself.

In order to get what we want from the Universe, we need to use our imagination. A. Lot. Imagine your mind as a tool that can form the world around you into anything that you want. This really is how the universe works but the trick is figuring out how to harness the abilities of your mind so that you are living the life that you want and not just letting it randomly happen to you. So we will begin learning how to properly use our mind with this exercise in imagination. Let’s pick up your mobile phone and navigate to the App Store. If you don’t have a smart phone or any kind of mobile phone, simply imagine that you do have one and that you’re holding it. It works just the same! Imagine that you search for an app on it called “The Magical Universe” and that it appears in the results as the first one in the list. Wow, it has millions of five star reviews and it’s free! We wait in anticipation for it to download. Download complete! Now that we have this fabulous app on our phones, we can begin. There are loads of things we can do on this app to create the life we want and today we’re going to start out by using it to make a wish come true!

  • The first step we need to take is to decide what wish we want to come true. It can be something really simple or something more complicated. It’s best as a beginning to choose something more simple until you get more used to using the app and feel more confident about it. For example, I’m going to wish that on all the errands I need to run today, that I find parking spots close to where I want to go quickly and easily!
  • We’ll need a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. Now hold them and imagine your mind as a pair of scissors and the world that you see with your physical eyes around you as the piece of paper. Use the scissors to cut any pattern that you like into this piece of paper while thinking about your wish the whole time you are doing it. So we are going to use our mind as the scissors to cut the pattern (our wish) into the paper which represents our life. You can cut the paper as it is or fold it in half or quarters like we do when cutting out snowflake patterns. As you cut, don’t think about the situation as it is currently but how you want it to be! For example, I’m not going to think about how when I go out on errands, I hardly ever find a good parking spot and have to drive around in circles to find one! I’m going to imagine that wherever I go, someone pulls out of a spot just as I pull up and I park quickly and effortlessly. I’m going to picture each shop that I need to go to and see the free parking that will be available to me when I get there in my mind’s eye. Follow your intuition and inspiration and cut the pattern that you wish into the paper. Don’t be afraid and don’t be hesitant about your artwork. Your mind is the scissors that is cutting the pattern you want into the life that surrounds you at this moment. Be self confident and have bravado about it! You aren’t asking for any favors here. You are a Creator and can do as you like! After you’re done cutting, you can leave the paper as is or color it in, put glitter on it, etc. Just follow your inspiration and intuition!
  • It’s now time to infuse the paper with our Feeling Power. Look at your Creation Pattern and admire its beauty. Admire it and Infuse your love into it. Your love for this creation is the Magnetic Attraction which will draw your desire into a Physical Manifestation. So don’t just look at it. Feel it. Breathe in deeply and feel the joy of it. Admire it. The pattern that you cut represents the outcome you desire for a life situation, so give your love to it completely. Focus on the pattern you have created and not on your wish. You don’ t have to think about your wish anymore since it is already there, cut into the pattern.
  • We now need to finish activating the pattern and translating it into a code that the Magical Universe App can understand. Don’t worry, you won’t need to go learn any computer coding for this! The makings of the universe are much simpler than that! Just speak these words with confidence and in a commanding tone:

“Oh mighty Universe, I DEMAND and I COMMAND that this pattern I have created and infused my love into be brought out into my physical world. I DEMAND and COMMAND for its visible and tangible presence in my life.”

  • Pick up your phone and imagine you’re using the Magical App that we downloaded. Navigate to the home screen and you’ll see a “scan” feature. Lay your Magical Pattern out on a flat surface and scan the image into the app as directed. The app will scan your Magical Creation Pattern in and process the image. The app will then say:

Scan successful. You have used your Magical Visualizing and Feeling Abilities to cut the Universal Substance surrounding you into the Magical Creation Pattern of your choice! Congratulations!

Now all you have to do is close the app and forget about it! You’ve done what needed to be done and the app will do the rest. The app will bring your desired pattern into a physical manifestation. The app will process your desire and bring it to you. Have faith. Trust the app. Enjoy the Freedom and joy of having your wishes fulfilled. Go on about your life feeling relieved and happy that all is taken care of by The Magical Universe App.

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ASMR for Spiritual Awakening-The Magical Universe App
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How to Design a Fabulous House On a Preordained Foundation-ASMR

group of homes built on a waterfront
by Nana B Agyei via flickr

Once again I’m here with you today attempting to write something wise and philosophical for you to be inspired by and enjoy. But where do all these philosophies actually come from? Well, they come from where everything comes from which is All That Is. All That Is is a way of describing all that ever existed, all that exists presently and all that will exist in the future. It also encompasses all past, present, and future events and experiences. Many might take a pause here to think about this. A thought that might come up is that if everything that has happened or that I can think of or that I can or will experience already exists, then does that mean that everything is fate and already decided for me in my life? Have I no free will or any actual choices? Is life actually preordained and I’m just a pawn on a chessboard?

Before you create a body and project a version of yourself into this reality, you decide on certain things that you want to experience in your lifetime and you even choose certain things like who will be your parents and what will be your birth location. You also choose some actual parameters for your human life. These parameters offer an abundance of freedom and creativity so that you have a lot of room to exercise your free will and make life choices. But if you had planned on certain events to occur so that you can experience them and evolve from them, then they will occur no matter what choices you may make with your free will. This may sound a bit scary when looking at it from a human perspective but from your soul perspective, it isn’t seen as scary. It is seen as a great adventure that you wanted to go on, much like a trip that you’ve dreamed of taking for a long time to some exotic or interesting locale.

A simple way of understanding the soul parameters in your life and how they may affect your current life is this. Picture your whole life that you are experiencing as a house that you are building. The foundation for the house has already been decided and given to you. Everything else can be designed by you like the landscaping, floor plan, design, color schemes, furniture, houseplants, etc. You actually have so much freedom in designing this house that you hardly even notice the constraints of the building foundation, though it may irritate you at times. You may look to the neighbor’s house and think, well they have a larger foundation and lots of extra room. Why is that? I want a bigger house too. Why do they have fancier cars or more cars than me? I want some too. Or the one we’ve heard so many times. Why is their lawn greener than mine? I want green grass like that too. You have the ability to use your creative forces and get greener grass, fancy cars, etc. But the foundation of your home can’t be changed because this was a decision made by you way before you were born.

Every person travels back to All That Is when they are sleeping and during dream time. During this time, you converse with others about your experiences and can even choose to add more experiences that you want to occur in your life to the list. You may also decide to even change some of the things you wanted to happen in this life and choose other things. This might manifest in your life as sudden and big changes that occur. If you’re wondering why something like this hasn’t happened in your life, it is because your soul hasn’t decided to make changes to that foundation yet in your dream time and may never choose this. Your soul which is you, may choose to stay on the same path and within the same foundations of the house that was initially built. Or your soul may choose to change some of it. This may sound frustrating if you are at a point in your life where you desperately want change. If our soul is us, then why won’t it listen to what we want and make our life into the life that we want? Your soul really does listen as your soul is you. But your soul is viewing everything from a much wider perspective than we can as we live out our human lives. But there is good news. The more you search within yourself, the more that you will be able to bring your human self closer to your soul self. The separation that has been felt throughout your life will start getting narrower and narrower. When this occurs, you’ll gain new insight into your life experience and through this understanding of it, the pain and suffering that you had attached to them will dissipate.

The lesser the distance between your human projection and your actual soul, the less will be your pain and suffering. Not only because you will have a better insight as to why certain events occurred, but also because you will be attaining a higher vibration and creating happier experiences. I’m sure you’ve heard that the best way to go about this is to go within. And the best way to go within is through meditation. We may picture that we have to sit still and empty our minds for hours but this isn’t the only way to meditate. Meditation is actually being done any time you are following your passion and doing something creative like playing a sport, cooking a food, reading, writing, taking a walk, dancing, playing with a pet, etc. Any and all things that are creative and bring you joy are a form of meditation and will increase your vibration.

Sitting meditation is one of the best ways to bring up old traumas that are sitting in your body and creating blockages for you in your body which are also reflected outwardly in your life. There are a lot of guided meditations that you can follow but if you don’t feel like you are at a point where you want to try meditating, I find listening to binaural beats a good step toward getting to that point. Binaural beats help balance our minds out and create more of a coherence within it. If you’ve never listened to any binaural beats before, start out listening for just a few minutes as it can get uncomfortable. Listen for longer periods of time as you get used to them. Below are a few binaural beats that I have found helpful. Please let me know what you think of them if you try them out. Also, are there any meditations or guided meditations that you enjoy and would like to share?

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ASMR for Spiritual Awakening-How to Build a Fabulous House on a Preordained Foundation