Musings on Ageism and Self Limiting Perspectives

There comes a time in everyone’s life where the window of opportunity seems to have closed to them whether it be to age, unemployment, location or personal factors. All of these seemingly blocked passages in your life are but a construct of your mind. For example, when you suffer a job loss or if you feel you’re too old to do something new, it is only your mind and perspective that keeps you from improving the situation. Sometimes when a loss is suffered, as was explained in a previous post called Anchors of Illusion, it is for the best outcome from a higher perspective that you might not have access to at the time of its occurrence, and is therefore not truly a loss.

Do not let social constructs keep you from doing what you feel a passion to do within yourself. Many societies are very youth oriented and as people age, they feel as if they are becoming valued less by others while in other societies, older people are respected, valued and sought out often for wisdom and guidance. Rise above the views of the society you live in which may be quite limited and faulty in its thinking. See the value in yourself and in others because every single human has incredible value no matter their age, race, ethnicity, economic status, etc.

It would be lovely for us all to be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves. The more kind and loving we are toward ourselves, the kinder and more loving we can be toward others, which can become a healthy contagion! Many people think that they don’t influence each other but each person is like a beacon shining right into the collective consciousness of humanity. The brighter your light shines, the more light you are contributing to the collective of humanity! So shine brightly and do not let society’s limited point of view keep you from following your passions which in turn will increase the love and light within you. This love and light will become a lighthouse for others who need guidance and are feeling lost at this time. The way out of the darkness for everyone is toward the light. Follow your happiness. Follow your passions. Be the Light. Lead by example by simply being your loving self. Be the best lighthouse you can be!

Is There Something Above?

If everyone that was living on Earth at this moment would turn their face up and look to the sky, they would see many things that would seem to them were never there before. They were always there but were just not noticed by many because the collective consciousness was not giving their attention to the sky. I would encourage you all to look at the sky often, admire its beauty, look at the sky patterns and see if there is anything else new up there that you hadn’t noticed before. The more people that give their attention to the sky, the easier it will be for what is there to be obvious and appear to the human eye. For there are many occurrences that humans will find magical and mystical in the sky right above us. Very often the answers we seek are found right in front of us (or above us), without conducting any research or reading any books!

Spend more time looking up and out at a distance rather than giving most of your attention to a tv, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Let your eyes roam and explore the area around you and the sky above you. As you do so, breathe in some air deeply for it is Life. Do breathe it in through your mouth but also visualize that you are breathing fresh, clean air into every pore of your skin and every cell of your body. When you visualize it this way, it will be so and will be of much benefit to your vessel. Breathing is life. Water is life. Feeling joy and happiness is also life and guess what? Feeling Joy and Happiness is free. So breathe in and feel them. Feel them in your body and in your heart and expand it out to the universe for All that Is to see and celebrate.

And don’t forget to look up at the sky!