How to Truly Overcome the Imposter Syndrome-It’s About More Than Self Confidence

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And so it begins. The feeling that you’re not good enough. The realization that everyone will figure out what an imposter you are. This will be followed by complete shame and the horrifying observation of the look of scorn that will be worn on the disapproving faces around you when they all see what a fraud you are. Was it something you did? Was it something you said? Well, guess what? Who cares about others and what they think? You need to take care of yourself because no one else will. We don’t mean for you not to care about other people or that it’s ok to harm other people. Violence and unkindness is never encouraged under any circumstance. But what we want to focus on here is that the willing will become unwilling around you if you start acting in ways that they don’t approve of or acting in ways that threaten them. The most common way that people feel threatened and it’s not very often spoken about plainly is when they see someone in their circle succeeding. They may not feel threatened when they see someone in the media doing so and they may feel slight envy for a successful stranger. But concerning someone they know? Someone in their immediate surroundings who is more successful than them is seen as an immediate threat because it takes them out of their comfort zone. They can no longer appease themselves by saying: “Well, I’m doing so much better than everyone around me. I perceive myself as highly competent and this is reinforced by looking at those around me who I consider to not be doing as well as I am and so I feel better than them.”

There is nothing wrong with having these feelings because you are living a human experience and therefore, it is natural to have certain kinds of thoughts and feelings throughout your life. The challenge here is, or as they would say in corporate speak, the opportunity here is to recognize these feelings and thoughts within yourself, acknowledge them and then let them go. Do not take them into your being. Recognize them as simply what that they are and let them go. This includes the thoughts of feeling less than other people, judged by other people or thinking that we are better than some people and that they are the imposters and not us.

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Yes, we can hear the arguments coming through of “Well, surely I’m better than those in maximum security prisons and on death row. Surely I’m better than those druggies shooting up in the parking lot down on the corner. And I’m surely better than that family who lives down the street that can’t even mow their lawn once a month and has started a junkyard collection in their backyard. Surely I am better than all of those people. Not to mention that I have a great job and a new car.” Bravo for all of these things that you have achieved and that made you feel good and proud! Your achievements are truly celebrated but your successes do not diminish the value of others. As for the people mentioned in the few examples described above, they have chosen to play a role in this lifetime of theirs in order to experience different things. One of the experiences they seek may be to be scorned and looked down upon by others so in that fact, you are fulfilling your role by giving them what they desire! But in this life, there is more to do than play roles. If you are a reader of this blog or a listener of this podcast, it means that you are seeking additional information and that you are open to receiving it. If you find this material interesting, it means you are desiring to wake up to new ideas and new ways of perceiving things. What we are trying to do here is guide you through this process. So we must say many things about people and their behaviors and perceptions. The things that we say are never in judgment for we are kind and compassionate observers who will also assist you if that would be something you ask us for and desire. Otherwise, we do not assist or interfere with anyone and remain kind and loving observers to you all.

Getting back to the point. The single most experience that every person on earth is seeking is expansion. It’s not about the roles you play out throughout your day. It’s not about cars or travel or money. It’s about the expansion of your perspective and the expansion of your soul’s evolution. Of course, in the pursuit of material things, you may be more free to travel and see and experience a vast variety of occurrences. But we would like to say to you is that even someone who has never even traveled to the next town can pursue and achieve more expansion than someone who has traveled to over forty countries and sailed all of the seven seas. It all depends on where that person’s state of mind is. If the state of mind is stuck in looking at the pond and having only shallow, material pursuits, their expansion will be less than someone who simply sits and observes, inquires and searches within themselves for answers instead of outside of themselves in the vast illusion that is the woven matrix covering your world.

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There is nothing wrong with the person who travels or pursues outside of themselves. This may be the experience they want to have in this lifetime so let them do as they wish.  But if you are seeking further depth and expansion, know that you don’t need money or education or the approval of others to achieve it.  All you need is yourself and to learn to sit quietly with yourself and not be afraid to do that.  We know it’s not an easy thing to do.  We know that regrets, painful memories and trauma will come into your minds when you do this.  We know that you may feel loneliness and feel like you should be out at a party or with a group of friends dancing or continuously engaging with or seeking to find a significant other.  You are free to do all of these things but if it is expansion that you seek, then you must be brave and sit with yourself.  Start working on observing your thoughts and feelings of guilt, inadequacy, fears, etc.  Know that once you work through all of these issues as if peeling an onion, layer by layer, you will soon come upon your core.  Your core is the real you without the disapproval of yourself, without the judgment of yourself, without the fear of being yourself and of living this human life.  All that will remain is the pure you who is loved and precious and magnificent.

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You are not an imposter in this life. You are not here to seek and achieve approval and admiration from others. You are here to be you and we say to you that you are all more than good enough and you have nothing to prove. You are all loved every minute of every day by many beyond the veil and most of all by All That Is. You are a part of the greatness of the universe and nothing is flawed in this universe though it may seem to be so from a human perspective. Continue to pursue your true greatness and leave behind the disapproval of yourself. It is not for you to judge yourself or to judge others. Turn your attention away from all of that. Sit with yourself, and observe the unkind thoughts you have of yourself. No matter how factual and based in reality they may seem to you, be brave and let them go. Start to approve of yourself no matter how much in shambles your life may seem from your perspective. We can guarantee you with a hundred percent certainty that you are not an imposter and that you are valuable. Your contributions of expansion that you create as you live your life are valuable and cherished by All That Is.

Let Your Burdens Float Away on Currents of Air

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Have no regrets about the past because all will be well as is. There is no need to want to go back and change the past because good things are happening now and will continue to happen. You win some and you lose some. This is the state of the world. Have no regrets.

It is the state of the world that confines you in your thoughts and in your current resistance. Do not resist change in your world when you see it happening because it is through change that you will accomplish and acquire your desires. The things that you want, the things that you long for, the things that you think about and desire on a daily basis will not come to you if there is no change in your inner world. Changes in the outer world do not happen if nothing has changed in your inner world. And what is this inner world we are talking about you may wonder? This inner world which can be found within you and within the silence of your mind and heart is the whole universe. This inner silence is your guide and your light sword for going out into the physical world as a strong light warrior who is striving to shine light and love out into the world and onto yourselves. This inner silence can be obtained by going within. It is as simple as sitting by yourself, taking some deep breaths and letting all your thoughts and worries float away into the air around you. Let the wind take them away. Let them ride the wind currents that take them far away from you, giving you a few moments of peace. Since they are your thoughts and your worries, you can always retrieve them afterwards if you wish to do so! Take some cleansing breaths and let your mind become like a floating air current up in the sky. See how the birds above can catch a current and ride it to where they want to go or just for the thrill of the ride? Let your mind be the current that can float and travel and spin and be free. Through the twists and turns of this free mind movement, you will find peace and love and stillness. It is here, in this magical, eternal place that you can manifest all that you want and it is here in this place where you can rest your worries and burdens and let them float away. Practice the floating, the floating of your mind and the releasing of your burdens. This will lead you to the door of your true existence which is way beyond what you can see with your human eyes.

What is this true existence that we should all be looking for within ourselves? Well, let us now take an example to explain. There exists a woman who has no one by her side and must do everything alone from raising the children, maintaining a household, making the money, to being there for herself in the aloneness and stillness of her nights.  Let us take a look at her.  Is she sad or happy? Is she tired? Is she lonely?  Her life must be full of challenges and struggles and she must have to keep herself strong to endure. All of these circumstances matter in the earthly realm and impact her in powerful and emotional ways, but her soul who is actually looking at her from outside of the earthly realm feels perfectly fine, happy and peaceful.  In the earthly realm, the woman has many struggles and challenges to face in her days but beyond this reality she is living in, her soul exists and is happy just as it is.  Her soul is using the personification of this woman and her life experiences to evolve and feel and challenge itself. Her soul is projecting itself into the earthly realm and into her human body in order to live a human existence.  Her soul is extremely loving and supportive of her.  Her soul is her number one fan and sees her as a hero who dared to delve into the dense realms of physicality in order to have many experiences such as those of pain, joy, love, fatigue, sadness, triumph and hope. 

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The range of emotions that can be felt in the physical realm are an incredible rainbow of color that is bursting into a plethora of shades that human eyes are unable to see.  We are using this woman as an example to tell you that we understand that life can be so very hard and challenging on the earthly realm and we feel great compassion for you. But as you go about your day, think about your soul who is watching you and admiring you and cheering you on.  Remember that you are so much more than a mere mortal!  You have chosen to momentarily play out this role as a person because you are brave, free, strong and a masterful creator. You are so much more than what you see in the mirror and you are so loved in every moment of every day.

When things happen in your life that are challenging, painful or upsetting, find comfort by thinking of your eternal soul. Remember that you are so much more than the human role that you are playing out on earth.  Face your challenges with bravery and positivity.  The more you do this, the less suffering you will feel.  Perhaps your soul will choose painful experiences for you to endure in this lifetime.  Know that you have agreed to this and that you are in control.  You never were nor will you ever be a victim of circumstance.  Everything that happens to the person whose life you are living has been agreed upon by you.  So when the question is asked: Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people?  The answer is that their soul has planned for this and they have agreed to this.  Let us make something very clear to you. Your soul is not separate from yourself.  When your soul decides something, it is actually you deciding it even though you are not consciously aware of it. Your soul is YOU.  And the reason why people suffer painful circumstances at times in their life is because they are the bravest and most adventurous for volunteering to be born into the earthly realm and experience different things so that their soul may evolve and therefore contribute to the eternal consciousness of All That Is.

This is why you shouldn’t judge yourself or judge others or look down upon yourself or others. You are all on Earth doing the same thing. Evolving your souls. So as you live your life, try to make the best choices for you out of the choices you have available to you and also do this to the best of your ability where it concerns other people. If you feel it difficult to feel love and acceptance toward some people, then at least remember that they are more than their human self as well. That they also have immense and loving souls that extend from them just as yours does. Even though they may not be expressing the totality of their soul’s magnificence in this moment that they are appearing before you, keep close to your heart and mind that they are still way more than their actual human self. Feel compassion for them in your heart and respect their right to existence and to being able to express themselves as they wish. And maybe give them a secret wink and a knowing look that says: hey fellow eternal soul, I see you!