Dance Your Way to Happiness

There comes a time in every person’s life where they question their existence and what it is all about. As we live our lives on lovely Planet Earth, we are evolving our soul existence and sending the ‘data’ to All that Is. And since each and every one of us is a part of All that Is, we are also collecting that data for ourselves and learning from it.

Especially when you are alone and have some time for contemplation, take the time to sit with yourself. Take the time to just be instead of always having to do something. Sit with yourself and take some quiet time to ponder some thoughts or emotions, to take a few deep, soul cleansing breaths, or admire nature even if it is only the sky and clouds from an apartment window. Marvel in the beauty of the world and of your life, even if the conditions may seem extremely challenging at this time. Grasp at even the smallest, positive aspect or occurrence that you had in your day and celebrate it! If you celebrate the small things, more and more small things you like will happen and all of these small things will eventually grow into bigger things, perhaps faster than you can even imagine!

Dance around the living room, make silly faces in the bathroom mirror, cook some tasty food, laugh with a friend or family member. For those of you who don’t have many people in your life to turn to, you are never alone. You have yourself and you have The One within you, no matter what. No matter if you think you don’t deserve love/approval or that you are ‘bad’ and have done ‘bad’ things. All that Is loves you no matter what and is with you always.

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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