The River-Let Yourself Relax and Go with the Flow

Once upon a time, there was spattering rain falling on and on and on into a muddy river. The more it rained, the river never became more clear. Even though the rain that was falling was clear as a crystal, once it fell and mixed into the muddiness of the river, it became muddied as well. And so the river continued to exist as a muddy one and not as a crystal clear one, no matter how much clean rain was rained down into it. Now how would you suggest that this river be cleaned? How would you suggest that this river be less muddied, taking upon the qualities of a nice, clear blue river?

The answer is: forget the river. The river cannot be cleaned. The river is happy the way it is and does not need to be changed by you. Why would you think it is up to you to clean the river? Because you don’t like how it looks and how it is muddy and not clear? Because the thought of splashing and swimming in this river fills you with unease and is unappealing? And so you thought it might be a good idea to think up a way to clean up the river so it would be more to your liking. But the river is fine the way it is and is still flowing along happily without your help. It does not need your help and furthermore does not need to be changed by you. And yet this will bother you since you do not like the river the way it is!

It’s not up to you to change, judge or clean up the river into ways that fit into your own reality and make you feel more comfortable about yourself and your environment. It’s also not up to you to try to get the other drops of water in this river to conform to your set of values, perspectives, appearance, etc. The river is flowing and you are all in it and an equal part of it. The river has one goal and that is to flow and eventually release itself into the vast ocean of freedom and eternal consciousness. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Judging and trying to control while you are on this free flowing ride are of no significance and will frankly get you nowhere.

Each of you is a raindrop falling into the river of ONE and though you feel that you are separate, you are all a part of the same beautiful river that flows sometimes gently and sometimes roughly out to the great expanse of the ocean. There is no fighting the current of this river. If you do, you will create instability within yourself which will eventually materialize externally into your reality, causing unstable events to occur there as well. Find the river within yourself, go with the flow of your individuality while simultaneously being aware that you are part of the whole river and you are no better or no worse than any of the other drops of water contained within it. Search within yourself to find the current of love and ride it so that your suffering may be less. Self reflect on any shortcomings you may have and be forgiving to yourself as you move on to correct them. For we say to you, you are all loved with equal measure and you are all on your own journeys. Try your outmost to respect the choices of others even if they are not what you yourself would have ever chosen. They have a right to the adventure they have chosen as you have this same right.

The status quo of human beings in this day and age is still in a frightful state.  For us looking from beyond the veil, we see that not much has changed in a few thousand years.  Humans are still suffering in the same ways. Humans are still fearful in the same ways. And they are still acting out in the same ways, in the ways that show that they are out of tune with love. Like an orchestra that is playing without tuning its instruments first and each player deciding what they are to play on their own, there is no cohesiveness to this existence that is before you and surrounding you.  Let them play as they wish, we said. And what is to become of them? Asked some others. And so we sat back and watched and really Dear Ones, you really did do a lot that not even we could imagine. What a big mess it all is, you say. But what if it isn’t a mess?  What if there is an order to this chaos?

Stay tuned and you shall see that there is order within the chaos of the Universe.

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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