The Power of Thought Waves

It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage for us to observe and acknowledge the patterns of habit and self imposed restrictions in our life. When this realization first occurs, it can be shocking and painful and our Ego will want to outright reject it. But allow those thoughts to come into your mind. Don’t force them away. Let these thoughts come, the gentle waves of them lapping at the regions of your mind. These waves can become very mighty ones and with their strength, you will be able to start coming into alignment by leaps and bounds with who you truly are, instead of the image that you are merely projecting into this world.

Are Aliens and Other Beings Really Being Channelled by People?

Before we answer the question at hand, we would like to first bring into focus another matter. In your current time, there are many discussing historical art or written passages that refer to beings visiting Planet Earth from the sky. Such things are discredited as ridiculous fiction by many and anyone who believes that thereContinue reading “Are Aliens and Other Beings Really Being Channelled by People?”