Is There Something Above?

If everyone that was living on Earth at this moment would turn their face up and look to the sky, they would see many things that would seem to them were never there before. They were always there but were just not noticed by many because the collective consciousness was not giving their attention to the sky. I would encourage you all to look at the sky often, admire its beauty, look at the sky patterns and see if there is anything else new up there that you hadn’t noticed before. The more people that give their attention to the sky, the easier it will be for what is there to be obvious and appear to the human eye. For there are many occurrences that humans will find magical and mystical in the sky right above us. Very often the answers we seek are found right in front of us (or above us), without conducting any research or reading any books!

Spend more time looking up and out at a distance rather than giving most of your attention to a tv, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Let your eyes roam and explore the area around you and the sky above you. As you do so, breathe in some air deeply for it is Life. Do breathe it in through your mouth but also visualize that you are breathing fresh, clean air into every pore of your skin and every cell of your body. When you visualize it this way, it will be so and will be of much benefit to your vessel. Breathing is life. Water is life. Feeling joy and happiness is also life and guess what? Feeling Joy and Happiness is free. So breathe in and feel them. Feel them in your body and in your heart and expand it out to the universe for All that Is to see and celebrate.

And don’t forget to look up at the sky!

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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