How to Thrive in Times of Distress

If there was ever a time in the history of the world to remain calm and objective, it is now. It is very difficult to remain objective in such a subjective world filled with so much propaganda and diverse opinions amongst all people. Perhaps some changes are happening in your life that feel very uncomfortable because they are so different than the life you are used to waking up to each morning. The way to remain calm and objective during these times is to:

  1. Remember to breathe in deeply and be aware of your breath when you start to feel overwhelmed.
  2. Look around you and see that you are in no imminent danger in this very moment.
  3. Reassure yourself that in this moment, you are safe.
  4. Continue to take deep and calming breaths.
  5. Continue to examine each present moment and reassure yourself that all is well. Trust in yourself that some way, somehow, all will be well.

Some religions state that you should trust in a God and give everything over to a God. In a sense, this is true but I would like to rephrase that to state: Trust in yourself. Give everything over to yourself. Not to your human self, since this body we perceive ourselves to be in is just a projection of our true selves. Trust that your true self who is a part of All that Is just as you are, is always looking out for your best interests. From the higher perspective that your true self holds, the future can be seen and the purpose for your present, human circumstances can also be seen.

You may have many questions and concerns as you live your life but please trust in your true self. When you do this, you will be able to remain calm and objective in a seemingly chaotic and unstable world. The more you can calm your inner thoughts and fears and trust that all is well even when it might not seem to be, the more your outer world will stabilize. All you need to do is trust in your true self and know that you are truly a part of All that Is.

And don’t forget to be conscious of your breath and breathe, breathe!

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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