How to Get Closer to Being the Future You

The intricacies of life can be complicated and at times like walking a minefield in which you feel trapped, suffocated and with no preferred choices available to you. Know that every single time that you feel this, it is not true. Perhaps the road you wanted to take seems closed off and this brings you sadness, but trust that there is a reason why that road has been closed off to you, be it a job, a relationship, a business opportunity, etc. But there are always choices available to you even if it’s one that feels very uncomfortable to take.

It’s not that there is some god out there orchestrating what is happening in your life. You are actually the one who is creating it all with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Taking responsibility for what you have created in your life can be painful, especially when you feel like you haven’t done well and are criticizing yourself for it. Well, lighten up and guess what?! You need to forgive yourself and promise to do better today, in this very moment. As they say in weight loss programs, every ounce counts and it is the ounces which add up to pounds which add up to the desired weight loss. So it is in life. Each moment that you do better, each moment where you make better choices, perform improved actions and have higher vibrational feelings are significant. Each of these little moments will add up with each other and become bigger and better and these little improved moments, decisions and feelings are the stepping stones to a life that pleases you more.

It’s not about sitting and thinking about the future and pining for it to finally be. It’s about already trying to be the person you envision yourself to be in the future in this very moment. Every small attempt toward being that person or having that life you envision is one step closer to actually being and having them. As long as you feel that what you want and how you want to be is somehow in the future, it will never be and it will never actualize in your life. So bring the future into your life now by taking baby steps toward it. Don’t be afraid, there are so many of us with you and cheering you on!

Here is a simple example from my own life. I always imagined myself to be a person who had a daily skincare regimen that I love and a wardrobe with various amazing outfits that I can choose form for any occasion. I’d just fling my closet doors open and there they would be. But up until now I have had neither. Why have I had neither ever? Because I never really took the time or took any steps toward it. As far as a perfect skincare routine, I never actually tried out a few products in an attempt see which ones I like and could truly commit myself to buying for a long period of time, much less actually loving it. I just bought skin care products spontaneously or maybe what was on sale. Then I wouldn’t buy it again even if I had liked it. At times I would have toner and an exfoliator but then months would go by where I hadn’t had those or considered them important. So a skin care line that I used daily and faithfully never appeared since I had never been truly serious about finding it. Not until I told myself, this is our project. We WILL find the skin care regime that we deserve and that we love. The one that makes our skin glow and smells heavenly! The point is that as soon as I made the commitment to do this, I found and actually do the skin care routine that I’ve been fantasizing about for years. My wardrobe and closet are still a work in progress though.

Another example is that I’ve always loved to write and wanted to become a writer. But did I make a daily or even weekly block of time to actually sit down and write? No, I did not. If I had pursued my passion of writing years ago, I would be so much further along now. But I’m not letting that hinder me today. Because today, I sat down and I wrote something. I took a small step toward my goals and I’m proud of myself for that.

What small step will you take for yourself today? After you take it, don’t forget to smile and let yourself feel proud!

Published by Sassy Starshaman

Sassy is a cosmic shaman who utilizes universal energies to heal the collective through dance and meditation. She also channels written material with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging humanity.

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